Price: $19.99

The Pup Squaller Coaxer is also unique- besides being a great “mini-howler” and Predator Call, it is also a very effective Mouse or Rodent Squeaker. The Pup Squaller Coaxer also does all of the Coyote Vocalizations as well as all Prey sounds-at a subdued volume compared to our regular Howlers. This call produces the very best “puppy cries” and works when other calls don’t. When used as a Squeaker it can be mouth held while leaving your hands free for shooting- a very Versatile Call and is built from.223 brass with a custom reed. This call is inserted into a walnut tube for protection as well as the tube has a Mouse Squeaker on the opposite end and is approximately 4 1/2″ in overall length.Pup Squaller Coaxer
Perfect Mini Howler and Coaxer in one
Custom voice for Perfect Distress sounds
Makes all Coyote and Prey sounds
Makes a great Mouse Squeaker