Price: $149.37 - $145.61

This reticle is extremely versatile and when properly used will allow the shooter to accurately engage and hit targets at ranges previously thought impossible. Dots are spaced in one mil (mill radian) increments on the crosshair. One useful way to use this reticle is by creating a chart that is based on the size of the object being targeted. By looking through the scope you can bracket the object between dots and refer to the chart for an estimated distance to target. This scope will focus as close as 15 yards. Accurate mil calculations are based off the scope being set at 10×. When maxed out to 25×, the actual dot size will cover less than ¼ inch (.250) at 100 yards, making it great for longer range hold-overs and not having to worry about the dot covering a large portion of the target.Eye relief of 5
Tube size of 1 inch
Magnification of 8.5-25x
44 millimeter objective